Virtual PBX and Virtual Number

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Your company number is in the cloud

Reach your phone calls on other (landline and mobile) phones without cost nor minute limitation.

Do not purchase a single device!

Fonvirtual do not require any kind of software, devices installation or internet connection.

Call branching option, voicemail, schedules, extension announcements…

Enjoy all the features you could need and all those you needn’t too.


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Virtual phone number

All the phone numbers you need

Use the virtual phone numbers in order to have presence in other places as well as tracking your marketing campaigns down.

From every place

Switch your current phone number to fonvirtual. If you have not a phone number yet, we will provide you a new one!

Included in every plan

The portability of your phone number or a new one are always included in every fonvirtual plan.


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Because you only deserve the best for your company...

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What makes us different from other providers?

We do not work with VoIP technology

Fonvirtual system diverts phone calls toward landline and mobile phones, due to what the phone call quality does not depend on your internet data conexion or ADSL. You will not be supposed to invest on new devices or another VoIP random stuff. It would be easy (and profitable) to provide you VoIP PBX solution, but we rather prefer not to provide a service in which:

  • Phone calls fall appart permanently.
  • The sound has bad quality.
  • There is a retard in the communication

Would you deal with your best clients using VoIP technology? Of course not.

Diverts are FREE and UNLIMITED

You cannot control the phone calls you receive, why set up any boundary? All fonvirtual plans offer phone call diverts towards telephones and mobiles without cost neither minutes limitation. A fixed monthly fee avoids billing surprises; it means tranquility.

A service up to you

We do not expect you to be a telecommunication expert, that is why we offer you a customized treatment and formation, in order to achieve the more accurate configuration for your business.

Change your configuration as many times as you need. Our expert crew will help you to set up your initial configuration so far, as well as modify it in the future.

We change your configuration through email demand. You also can touch us at 914 891 046 or use our click to call service: we will call you!

Do you want to know what the virtual PBX is capable of?

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Fonvirtual advantages

Save money and control costs

Without investing nor signing up payment. You only pay a fix monthly price which includes the phone number (your current number or a new one), all the PBX features and free and unlimited diverts towards your landline and mobile phones. In addition, like an extra attribute, you would be able to show your phone number when you will do outcoming phone calls.


Flexibility and mobility

Divert your phone calls completely free towards landline and mobiles telephones, no matter the network enabler or the localisation.

Improve your bussines image

Reforce the image of professionality of your business, answering to all your incoming phone calls without missing them.

Call tracking

Use your statistics in order to assess your company behaving, as well as the performance of your marketing campaings


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